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Nov 23, 2007

I'm feeling lost and sad
Down on myself
Adrift in a sea
Of confusion
I need a wee boost
Of self-esteem
To break me of my delusion

I expressed a wee pain
You answered my need
With a great deal
Of patience and sweetness
It gave me the boost
I needed to heal
A tiny moment of weakness

     Don't let anyone
     Break you down
     Stand for who you are
     If you can't
     I'll beat them down
     I got your back forever.

Your generous spirit
Has touched my heart
Your sense of humour
Delights me
The sound of your laughter
Brightens my life
And your Irish temper incites me!

Your fiesty and Irish
Passionate temper
Won't back down
Until you're DONE!
I'm ALWAYS on your side
Except when we
Fight for fun!

     Don't let anyone
     Break you down
     Stand for who you are
     If you can't
     I'll beat them down
     I got your back forever.

With the same fire and passion
You'll fight to defend
The family and friends
You respect
With a heart like a pitbull
And strength of spirit
Your people you will protect.

I'm glad you're my little pitbull
That you'll fight
To defend me
I take my family
Where I find it
And now you've made it complete!

     Don't let anyone
     Break you down
     Stand for who you are
     If you can't
     I'll beat them down
     I got your back forever.

(A song/poem for my little WIP)

2007 KD Bissonette

Posted at 01:25 pm by Kimber-Ley


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Sunshine on my face
A warmth I breathe in deeply
As I do your smile.
2002 KD Bissonette
Whiskers and soft fur
Feeling warm under my hand
Sweetest friend you are
2002 KD Bissonette
Softly the sound of
The bubbling brook is heard
To strengthen my soul
2002 KD Bissonette
Pink, pink your petals
The soft flush of blushing skin
After loves first kiss.
2002 KD Bissonette
My heart is setting
Like the sun at end of day
I miss your sweet smile.
2002 KD Bissonette
High rising mountain
Standing tall in the sky
A pillar of time
2002 KD Bissonette

I will be silence...
a soft laugh...
a silky desire...

I found love...
I am me.
2002 KD Bissonette
some tangled children hide
inside themselves
and by a sacred laugh
made delicious by love
2002 KD Bissonette
sunshine tickles as
a delicious smouldering laugh
soft with desire
raises on the wind
and love burns
2002 KD Bissonette
for we the world
what of truth
people shed the truth
hope goes blue
and something unliveable becomes end
2002 KD Bissonette
outside the hint of spring
holds me rapt
merry song
then green will end
and deep my lonesome mood
2002 KD Bissonette
AJB~Dec 2000
sorrow sighs in my memories
you filled my palm
with a vision of love
but goodbye flows beneath
2002 KD Bissonette
stars seem to touch heaven
planets like time
never end
heaven hopes and
life keeps laughing
2002 KD Bissonette
the myriad eyes of twenty
see beauty
the air swells thick and heavy
with desire
and love is known
2002 KD Bissonette
uninvited crystals
wait patiently
to pierce my very radiance
and softly melt
the bright glitter
found in me
2002 KD Bissonette
a silky white rose
hot skin in soft rain
dark eyes and desire
the delicious sweetness
of love
2002 KD Bissonette
very hot
soft deliciously silky desire
ends distance
love is found
2002 KD Bissonette

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