Entry: You Are Their Father Nov 23, 2007

You may not have held them,

From the moment of their birth, but,
You've been a strong figure
And helped them know mirth. You may not
Have been there to wipe every tear,

When they were beginning to learn about fear.
But, you are here now to guide them along
Maybe it's you who will help them be strong
You've already helped them learn about life
To laugh a little more,

And deal better with strife.

It's a long journey from child to adult, but, 

A father who loves you, helps you right out.
The greatest thing my father ever gave me
Was the strength to continue, amid adversity.
I'm proud to have you by my side all the way
And they will be too,
Though they may never say.

2002 KD Bissonette


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